¿Qué es un “Handparting”?

Escrito en Esoterismo

Quien ha tratado extensamente el tema es Raymond Buckland; a mi me parece una linda idea. Es bueno ritualizar los momentos importantes. Además, para los wicca la separación no es algo trágico, como es el divorcio en nuestra sociedad. El handfasting se asume inicialmente por un año y un día, pasado el cual se renuevan o no los votos, por otro año y día, o por el tiempo que la pareja desee. El handparting se daría si en algún momento la pareja se da cuenta de que no quiere seguir junta como pareja, y como tal se separa, siguiendo con su amistad y su hermandad en círculo.

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  1. Vera dice:

    Wicca is a roligien. The Harry Potter books don’t deal with roligien nor is the magic in them a religious thing. In Harry Potter, there are witches and wizards that are just born witches and wizards.The difference is that the spells and magic in Harry Potter are all made up. They aren’t based off any actual real witchcraft or anything like that, JK Rowling made it all up. A lot of the names for these spells come from words in different languages that relate to what the spell’ is supposed to do. For example:Accio, which is the Summoning Charm, is Latin for I summon. Engorgio, a spell that makes things grow. In French, engorgement means swelling. Anapneo, a spell which clears blocked airways, is Greek, translating to I breathe. So while the spells and things in Wicca are part of a roligien and actually believed by real living people to work, the spells and things in Harry Potter are entirely made up and only work for the fictional people in the Harry Potter series. I don’t think roligien is even brought up once in any of the books.